We trust, like our grandfathers did, in old proved tecnical solutions. That’s why all of our solutions are mostly handmade and distinguish themself for its simplicity and functionality. Especially important to us is the natural product, so we deliver close to the forniture, also a part of nature to You.       Get a piece of nature for Your home, environment is thanking You for that, and You will enjoy it for a long time! Ideas realized with wood My Forniture - E. Toti Str. 13 - 39012 Merano - Italy - VAT n. IT02597670211 - E-Mail: myforniture@meinmoebelstueck.com True to nature  True to nature for us means no harmful production: using only natural products for the treatment of the precious wood. Simply construction Bauweise ispum  By the tecnical very simply construction, all of the products are easy repairable, have therefore a long life and timeless design. Specials  Manufacture on measures is our great passion. All “specials” are designed and constructed only by Your need. “Unique” fornitures.   Material wood  We try to let all of the woods, in the original and natural state: out of the forest directly to the forniture, and You can smell it! Italiano Deutsch