My Forniture - E. Toti Str. 13 - 39012 Merano - Italy - VAT n. IT02597670211 - E-Mail: As old as this door, maybe we could become so... When decades of stormes outside show the annual rings, then often, the man who made this wooden construction, isn´t nomore. The material wood is as old as human, and its specific properties helped the man, to develop himself. But industries and commerce are making fast business with wood and especially quality is suffering therefore. Please be carefull and look for good qualitiy, pay attention to the origin and the preparation - for the sake of our forest and of Your health.  All of the woods we use, come from the surrounding forests and are prepared here in the region directly from the farmers. This is garantee for origin and quality over many years and decades.    A healthy forest needs care, it takes - and gives us, it’s wood. And it´s wood is as healthy as the forest is. Therefore, care is so important. Like our smile in the face, also a healthy piece of wood can smile. When it is going to be prepared by us and its form will be a newone, You see it and enjoy it every day anew. So it brings us closer to nature. It reminds us to take, but also to give, like the forest does, where the piece of wood comes from. Italiano Deutsch Ideas realized with wood